To the Costa del Sol comes, who needs to relax. But not everybody can do so in the overfilled seaside hotels. Therefore the little “Palacio” in the hilly landscape of Málaga is the perfect place to stay for people who attach importance to individuality and independence in their holiday.
The house close to Comares (5km) offers all required conveniences and no unnecessary comfort. As the landlords wish to live in accord with nature electricity is exclusively solar power. There is sufficient power for light and all common electronic devices except hairdryers (max. 200W/230V). Furthermore you have access to internet/WiFi. Since water is a very rare and precious commodity during the hot and dry months, it is used for sanitary purposes and the kitchen only. The landlords decided to renounce a water wasting swimming pool. Nevertheless you have easy access to the baths in Comares or directly to the sea in 35km proximity!
The house “El palacio” in country style consists of an apartment with 2 beds, a kitchenette with a small fridge, a bathroom and 2 terraces with rising and setting sun. The fact that the landlords themselfs live on the property allows you to tell them any of your personal wishes. Gaby and Ales will be pleased to make you feel entirely happy.
Regarding possible activities everyone will find his satisfaction: the inspiring view on the wild river valley and the hills with their olive, lemon, fig, almond and pomegranate trees can be enjoyed from the deck chair just by sunbathing; for more active poeple the surroundings invite to hikings, treckings, mountaineering, horse and donkey riding. Culturally interested persons will find their satisfaction in visiting comfortably accessable cities like Málaga, Córdoba, Granada and Sevilla.
We recommend persons without a car to hire one. Next public transport is 5km away from the house and not very frequent.
You will have to walk about 80m from the car park to the house door.
Dogs are unfortunately not beeing accomodated, since they risk to get in conflict with the 3 cats living on the property...