This is my empire, where I make the jewelry. The tools I need for my work are not many. I use a blowtorch, propane gas, oxigen and glass rods. The glass I use comes from the Czech Republic and is known as “Ornela”. I also use rods of fine metal, separation cream, special glass cooling granules and a range of modeling tools. I use the blowtorch to melt the glass. When the glass is hot and has the consistency of honey, I wrap it on the metal rod.
Glass comes in many different colours and can be mixed. When the glass is soft I make shapes round, square, flat, anything is possible. When I am satisfied with the shape of a bead, I cool it in the cooling granules. After a while I can remove the rod and Voila! I have produced a hand made bead.
This is my procedure for making jewelry. I like to mix my beads with others beads and precious stones. Sometimes silver or gold plate, also copper. It isn’t necessary to say much more about this. But look for yourself after in my gallery.